I am a new person

Assalamualaikum. Alhamdulillah. Selama setahun berdiam diri daripada menulis sebarang rencana di blog ni. Kasihan. Ruangan ini ada untuk dipenuhi dengan coretan. Ye lah. Sudah ada FB, IG dan twitter. Mana naknya masuk laman blog ni. Haruslah ditulis panjang berjela.

Ah. Tak pelah. Sekarang kita move on. Kerjaya saya sekarang bukanlah sahaja sebagai suri hati Mr Engineer tapi suri hati anak2 PASTI juga. Hehe. Jadi tak pick up line? Tapi untuk tempoh setahun je la. Bulan lapan ni dah berhenti.

Sepanjang bekerja jadi cikgu tadika sangatlah mencabar kesabaran. Need full of patient. Anak2 kecil ni banyak karenah mereka. Semoga saya terus tabah ye. One fine day saya nak buka satu pusat didikan awal kanak2 untuk membantu anak2 belajar mengenal Allah dalam masa yang sama belajar ilmu dunia ni. InsyaAllah.

Other than that, our cats are very fine good looking. They are very well healthy and I don't know what else to say, they are lazy cats. HAHA. Oh yea. Several months ago, in May 2016 we were happily having a very good looking baby cat. Cuteness overload, a white baby cat. Its a girl. Am I right? Huu.. whatever. And few month later, another baby cat delivered. This time was a boy. And at this moment they are living happily with their new family members I thought.

Enough about our cats.

Currently, I am running a business on beauty and health product. Nurraysa is more on beauty products, while Alkurma and Enerfiber are the healthy products. Alhamdulillah, there is upside down. Yeah. Not always on the top. I'm just a beginner in this field. A lot of things need to learn. InsyaAllah we will go further and in details about these products.

Next, my health condition. On 27th February I was underwent an operation to remove the cornual ectopic pregnancy. Such a shock to me, but luckily no bad things happened to me. It was my first time I got my UPT positive. Of course it was a happy moment when I know I am pregnant. I told my husband and he ask to go for check up for confirmation.

Badly, I was suspected to have an ectopic pregnancy by an Obstetrics and Gynaecologist. She suggest to remove the ectopic one and I have to accept the fate. The doctor adviced us to wait about a year to trying to conceive (TTC) for a child. And another one year honeymoon.

Okey. Thats all for today. Not every day is sad day. Maybe we have a happy day tomorrow.

Thank you for reading.
*tetibe English till the end of the writing 😛

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